Onsite consultations for the home and business
What happens during a consultation?
  • A typical consultation lasts about 2-3 hours. Call Pia for fees at 908-672-6999.
  • Using her unique intuitive talents and extensive training, Pia will examine and assess the exterior and interior influences that may be creating problems in your work or home environment and how they affect your Health and Wealth, such as depleted or missing areas. 
  • Studying the floor plan and using the Bagua to identify the areas that need to be adjusted and enhanced, recommendations are made on how to balance and make the space most optimum. The areas are empowered so that you may gain the greatest benefit. You will appreciate the enrichments.
  • In order to increase your resources and prosperity in business settings, the most favorable placement for your key personnel based on their roles within the company will be determined. Reap the benefits from the auspicious placement of management, the cash register, your office equipment, and supportive areas of the office such as the kitchen or cafeteria.  Whether you are looking for a new business location or already in an established location, a consultation from Feng Shui Geomancy will formulate a plan that will make your business flourish.
Feng Shui for Real Estate Transactions
If you are in the process of buying or selling a home or business, contact Pia first in order to make the correct selection of the new space. Having been a real estate broker for over 15 years, she has a great deal of practical experience viewing and evaluating the Feng Shui of hundreds of homes.
New Construction
If you are building or remodeling a home or business, Pia works with the architects and designers during the preliminary drawing phase and through all subsequent stages of planning. Minor adjustments can make major differences in the well-being of your home or business. Remember your home is your third skin.
Feng Shui lectures and workshops for individuals and small groups
Pia encourages small group in- house gatherings where she teaches different aspects of Feng Shui. You will have fun and leave the workshops with a sense of happiness, good CHI flowing. The host or hostess of the gathering will benefit from a complementary Feng Shui consultation.  To inquire about hosting Pia to speak or teach at your organization call Pia at 908-237-8109 or send an email request to

Workshops include:

Pia teaches workshops in New Jersey, New Mexico and Texas.  Please call 908-237-8109 or email for schedule.
Space clearing to remove stagnant energies
SPACE CLEARING is a crucial task to perform when you move into a new home or business. Why should you inherit the previous occupants misfortunes?  In existing homes and businesses, Space Clearing is beneficial in lifting negative energy out of the space. Illnesses, deaths, arguments, fatigue, or any unpleasant experience are examples of events that necessitate Space Clearing.
In a Space Clearing, Pia shows you the techniques to get rid of trapped emotional energy from prior occupants.  Clear your surroundings so that you may move forward in life and prosper.
Blessing Ceremonies
BLESSING CEREMONIES are performed for numerous occasions such as when doing additions to a property, adding skylights, remodeling, removing trees, etc… They are very fitting when breaking ground for new homes. Blessing Ceremonies are important at the onset and/or upon completion of a new project. Pia brings forth the energy of the elements: Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, Wood, Metal.
Plan your wedding with the Harmony of Feng Shui. Pia is a Non-Denominational Minister, legally ordained in all fifty states. Pia encourages couples to be creative with their ceremony.
Consultations by Mail
For off-site consultations for your home or business, Pia will study your floor plan, and photographs or video tape of the interior and exterior and advise remedies. Please phone or email for fees and instructions before sending the material.

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